Today many situations require you to do your absolute best to reach your goals.
This applies in business as in elite sports.
Top athletes have long applied STRESS RELEASE and MENTALTRAINING 
in order to produce TOP PERFORMANCES more often.
The CD has been developed on the basis of experiences from working with 
top athletes.
I have among many other top athletes worked with my daughter Mette Bloch,
two times World Champion in rowing. I have also worked with the badminton 
players Jon Holst Christensen and Thomas Lund many times gold, silver and 
bronze winners at the World Championships and All England Championship. 
Track I (22:15) 
is aimed at giving you a deep relaxation. On this recording I introduce you to 
Track II (25:20) gives you an introduction to the use of mental training 
Track III (10:30) is designed for those who are trained in working with 
mental training and visualization.

Top Performance CD by Ole Bloch