Athletes/Management Teams/Individual executive coaching/Coaching workshops

As for many top athletes, coaching is a help to perform optimally in stressful satiations, and thus have a better chance of reaching your goals.

Guidelines for the Executive Coaching and Change process

The process model that we employ involves four phases:


Phase 1: Establishing the coaching partnership

Phase 2: Action planning
Phase 3: The coaching cycle
Phase 4: Evaluation and follow up


Phase one:

  1. Proposal and contract

  2. First coaching session with the client: what is involved in a coaching session, agreement oncoaching policy, scaling and diagnosing the situation

  3. Second coaching session with the client: assessment of the coachee on various aspects of his life and work performance using following profiles: a work performance profile, a leadership competencies wheel, areas of leadership profile, a self-assessment competency profile and a personal development plan. Other profiles can be applied according to the coachee´s issues. 

  4. Third coaching session: the coach and coachee discuss and explore the coachee´s assessment results.

Phase two:


Establishing values, visions and goals of the client. Developing action strategies
Specific personal and organizational goals are set and action plan outline is made.


Phase three:


Exercises, reviews, reassessments and feedback
Once the goals and strategies are established, most of the sessions are devoted to reviewing the coachee´s progress and addressing any obstacles or difficulties that may arise.


The coach supports, challenges and stretches the coachee in order to enhance performance, ensure the transfer of skills from the sessions to the workplace and encourage increasing self-awareness and self-responsibility in the coachee.


Phase four:


Evaluation: each session begins with an evaluation of the progress the coachee has made. Through the use of self-assessment profile the coachee is encouraged to evaluate him on an ongoing basis. 

Final session: the coach and coachee must develop strategies to ensure the coachee maintains his gains and skills and that slippage do not occur.  

Follow up plans: in addition to ensuring that the coachee continues to progress, and apply the
learned skills, follow up sessions can be arranged for a considerable period of time, depending on the needs of the coachee or organization.


The period of time taken to move through each phase depends on the coachee and the complexity of the coaching issue.

Various issues may be addressed during the coaching sessions and different techniques applied.

We work with: 
• developing needed business skills
• techniques for promoting self awareness
• techniques for overcoming barriers to communication
• we work with self-limiting beliefs
• techniques for working with emotions and dealing with resistance to change
• relaxation and visualization techniques
• problem solving techniques 
• appreciative inquiry technique


Financial investment:


Fee for minimum 8 coaching hours (60 minutes) is normally 180€ per hour (plus VAT). The price depends on the management level and the number of clients involved in the process.

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