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This workshop is for managers and leaders that are interested in learning about the latest coaching techniques. It is a hands-on workshop where you try the different methods and techniques on yourself as we proceed.

A Two-Day Workshop

“Coach yourself and your teams to Success”

Create Balance in your Life

In-company Workshop - Who is it for?


This workshop is designed to enhance both professional and personal performance, Self-fulfilment and growth by creating a structure in which participants can discover their potential and understand their true selves. The workshop will provide you with effective tools which can cut through your limiting beliefs about achieving your goals and visions. It will guide you through complexities on both a personal and professional level to influence and motivate positive change in your life. This workshop is suitable for anyone interested in personal and professional development.






What is the agenda?


The agenda in this very hands-on workshop will be an informal mix of tutorial-style presentations by Ole Bloch and individual and pair sessions. In some of the exercises participants use nature as a sparring partner. You will leave the workshop with your own personal vision, clear goals for your near and long term future, an action plan with concrete steps how to proceed and effective tools for becoming your own coach. You will also learn how to use these same tools to coach your team and colleagues for peak performance.


What will you learn?


The Balance Method:
Create a balance between your focus, your concentration and your relaxation and de-stressing yourself. The balance method is the foundation for all successful transformations. Once you've found your balance you will work to your greatest potential. The Balance method is the method that Ole Bloch has used and still uses, when he wants to realize his visions and goals.


The Wheel of Balance:
Work on your own wheel of balance and find out how happy you are with your life right now. One of the benefits of creating your wheel of balance is that you get a great overview of what's important to you. You will get an idea about where to start in order to be even more satisfied.


Stress and Attitude:
Move yourself away from the negative stress spiral into the positive spiral. Recall the successes you've achieved throughout your life. Regain the faith in yourself and your strengths. Learn how to see the good and exciting aspects in the possibilities you meet along your way, instead of focusing on the problems and obstacles.


Pro-activity and Self Esteem:
Learn to become a proactive human. Identify actions that will help you live a proactive life. Find out what your confidence areas are and how to develop more in the areas you need.

Language and Coaching:
Coaching is an amazing tool for helping yourself. When you coach yourself you basically have a structured coaching conversation with yourself. It's about being curious and open and about asking specific and forward pointing questions. Learn how to use the language that will support and help you reach your goals.


Visions and goals:
Find out what the difference between a vision and goal is. Allow yourself to focus on what you want – completely and without negative stress. Learn different ways of mental training that will help you as it helps many top sports people reach their goals.


Overcoming resistance:
Learn the methods and apply effective exercises that will help you get in contact with your subconscious mind and help you get rid of fears and doubts and boost your ability to cope with change.


Taking action:
Put your plan into action and set yourself a deadline when to achieve your plan of action. Start by working on the first stages of your vision and goals.


Staying in tune and getting physical strength:
Make your own personal plan how to become and stay fit. Learn how to listen to your body and choose the right exercises for your type of personality. When you are in tune with your body and you have a surplus of energy, you have the best conditions for staying both mentally and physically fit.


Your investment €5.700 plus VAT and expenses


Workshop materials we also include our 3 Top Performance CD’s - Stress Release, Reach your Goals and Visualization.


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