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"The manager who lost his SELF-CONFIDENCE.... and GOT IT BACK" 
Stories and exercises on how to achieve the spirit of engagement on a personal and corporate level
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Ole Bloch, mentor, coach, writer and olympic athlete


"From page on I was hooked! 

This book is what every organization needs, if they want to raise the bar to a new level!

Easy steps, case stories and just brilliant!"


Mette Bloch, Coach and Mentor




WOW! This was what we needed to break into new markets!

I've read many books on the subject, but none have hit it on the nail like this one! Thanks giving me my confidence BACK!

Peter Petersen, Thebestcompany

"I bought the book for our team as a Christmas present. Little did I know that it would change our management group forever! - We are flying! Thank you!"

Linda Blue, Internetgurus





You can always learn. Even simple things can become complitacted, and complicated thins can become simple.

With this book I will give you all the tools you need to build your confidence and grow as a human being.

Get the best out of life, you sure deserve it!




"Funny how the biggest impact can hit you when you least expect it! - This book is a treasure! - I lost sense of time and place while I read it, and I am having so much fun implementing everything. This has truly changed my life!"

Rachel Underwood, Market Online